Why Auction?

Benefits of Auction

Auctions generate excitement and stimulate buyers to act now.  When a property is at the peak of desirability, auctions produce the best results. An auction establishes the true market value of the real estate at a specific point in time.

Finding multiple buyers for a very desirable property may not be difficult but capitalizing on that competition is our specialty. Auction provides a platform for discovering the highest obtainable sales price through competitive bidding.
  • Don't Waste Money
    Ready to sell and don't want to spend extra money on your property? Auctions are sold as-is!
  • Cash on Purchase
    While buyers can always get financing, the selling transaction is sold in cash terms with a percentage of nonrefundable earnest money due at the close of the auction.
  • Act Fast
    Don't waste time and money leaving your property sitting on the market – auctions close within 30-45 days.

We Do the Work for You

Our customers often tell us how simple the process seems, and when we hear that, we know we've done our job. The fact is that the process is a lot of work. From start to finish, we have a system of approximately 280 steps, but we want you to feel like you have one – deciding on Bonnette Auctions.

Once you take that step — you can relax and let us do the work. Ready to talk to an agent? Call us at (318) 443-6614 or click below to send us an email.