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Working with Barbara was seamless from beginning to end. One of the most competent teams I had the pleasure of working with in some time. She is extremely proficient in all aspects of the deal from the smallest to largest detail. Her extensive knowledge of the business will put anyone at ease.

Jan Kinberg

We needed to sell our parent’s home after our mom died… and needed the process to be as smooth and quick as possible and sell the home essentially as is. After first speaking with Bonnette Auction about auctioning contents only, we chose Bonnette Auction Company to assist with the auctioning of the home and property as well. We are so glad we did. The conventional problems that go along with selling a house are a total non-issue when you use Bonnette Auction. Their approach is extremely professional and they have great communication skills and are always available by phone or email to answer your questions. It was such a pleasure to work with knowledgeable professionals who keep you informed and also obtain a fair market value for your property. They handled the entire process and all of our questions flawlessly. Within 6 weeks the property was sold, and 4 weeks later closing took place. Unbelievable! Very satisfied customers and wouldn’t consider selling property any other way now.

Robert & Beth Flaherty

Dear Barbara, Thanks so much for your professional and exemplary help on the sale of Edgefield. You went above and beyond the call and I really appreciate everything!!

Carol White

Caldwell Banker/ White Realty

…I will always remember the first and only time that I met you in person. You basically took over. I remember when I got back to Atlanta, Susan asking me did I get everything accomplished. She was talking about the bids from the contractors, did I find a real estate company to list the home for rent, and did I find a property management company? My answer was yes to all three because I perform miracles. She wanted to know how did I perform the miracles and I said “Barbara Bonnette”. Barbara I remember you telling me just go back to Atlanta and everything will be taken care of. I deal with commercial real estate all over the US and have met some great people, but none top you. It’s your presence, your attitude and not to mention… you are just GOOD PEOPLE. I am so happy that I met you. Thanks for everything…

Ronnie Caesar

CCA Global Partners

Barbara, thank you for everything. I really appreciate the extreme effort you went to to make this auction a success. I am more than pleased.

The money from the furniture sale was a welcome surprise.

You and Christina are both very strong highly principled ladies of great strength and integrity.

Dr. Richard Landry

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